Men's Hyperflex CRYO Hooded Wetsuit 6/5mm

Men's Hyperflex CRYO Hooded Wetsuit 6/5mm


This 6/5mm suit is meant for hardcore winter surfing between December and May. This suit, paired with winter booties and gloves will keep you comfortable during the winter in Nova Scotia. 


The 5/4mm CRYO is excellent for shoulder seasons like May-June and October-November in Nova Scotia.


Excellent price point.


If you have questions about wetsuits, please read this helpful guide:


Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, ML, LL, XLL, MS, LS, XLS


See sizing chart:


Thickness: 5/4mm, 6/5 mm.


Shop location: 2315 East Petpeswick Road,

Musquodoboit Harbour

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