2020 Gaastra Blend Kiteboard Complete (New)

2020 Gaastra Blend Kiteboard Complete (New)


*** Includes footpads and straps. Complete board.


Sizes available:

135cm X 41cm

141cm X 43cm

146cm X 43cm

155cm X 45cm


  • Excellent beginner / intermediate kiteboard
  • Great in lighter wind


If you’re looking for a board that gets you planning earlier than everybody else, the Blend is the perfect choice for you! Not only is this the ultimate weapon for light winds, but also will it make you blast through some moves on the lake, when the slightest breeze kicks in. The wide tips, flat rocker and straight outline provide maximum upwind abilities, which make the Blend together with the easy handling the ideal choice for beginners. Don’t risk to lose any minute on the water, the Blend guarantees a great session in all conditions, keeping you in the driver’s seat at all times.