2020 Gaastra Watts Kiteboard Complete (New)

2020 Gaastra Watts Kiteboard Complete (New)


*** Includes footpads and straps. Complete board.


Sizes available:

136cm X 40cm

139cm X 41cm

142cm X 42cm


  • Excellent intermediate+ board
  • Great in choppy conditions


A double concave channel and wood core construction define the Watts, making it the perfect crossover board between freestyle and freeride. Not only does it have a huge range of use, the Watts also feels home at various conditions with its massive wind range. The wider tips and double concave deliver incredible upwind abilities and very early planing at the same time.
You can boost into huge aerials, but also rotate it through unhooked tricks, thanks to the controlled and easy pop. Jump onto the Watts, carve into big controlled bends and create some extra spray in doing so. This smooth but also direct board with a huge range of use will make both freeriders and freestyle enthusiasts smile during every session.