2020 Gaastra IQ Kite (New)

2020 Gaastra IQ Kite (New)


2020 Gaastra IQ kiteboarding kite including backpack.


*** We will match or beat the price of a new kite from any other brand.


  • Great for beginners / intermediates
  • Excellent relaunch
  • Great in low winds
  • Less hangtime for big air, than Gaastra Spark


Being a great performer in the low-end already, we focused on giving the IQ 2019 that extra control in the high-end, every kitesurfer admires. This allows everybody to make use of the very good drift ability and quick turning speed also in gusty conditions, in order to catch some turns, or push your limits on the straight line. As result of the more bent profile of the leading-edge, the relaunch is as easy as it gets, which offers you an escape route even in the trickiest situations.


With its direct bar feeling and great responsiveness, the IQ gets you into the critical section on the wave and out of critical situations. The IQ’s outline was slightly redesigned with a change of the alignment of the profile and the tip position. The profile’s volume was slightly reduced, while the maximum draft was changed at the IQ 2019.