Learning to Kitesurf in Nova Scotia

Is this a hard sport to learn? Yes and no. It does take a SIGNIFICANT commitment of time and resources to learn. However, if you're fully committed and have patience, almost anyone can learn. What I mean by patience is waiting for windy days and being alright with showing up for a lesson - only to have the fog blow in and turn the wind off. If that kind of fickleness bothers you - don't bother learning to kite around here.


The biggest challenge is the unpredictability of the wind in Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, we get the least amount of wind when most people are wanting to learn during the warmer months. During June-August we typically get 1-3 teachable days per week. From October-May you're looking at 2-4 teachable days per week. People definitely kite year round here, as most often the nicest conditions happen outside of the summer months. With the proper wetsuit, winter kitesurfing is now quite accessible. There are plenty of local kiters that log more than 100 sessions per year.

When we start to work with a new student, this usually turns into a 1-2 month++ relationship as we battle fickle wind, busy schedules and a short summer season. If you don't have at least 2-4 afternoons of availability per week, it's not worth taking lessons from us. It's a massive commitment to take a fresh student and train him/her to feel comfortable kiting on their own (which we call independent kiting). Hence, we don't take more students than we can comfortably train.

Our teaching setup is quality. We have access to excellent learning locations and we use radio helmets so that we can talk to each other throughout the entire lesson. This is a HUGE value compared to someone yelling at you from a windy beach. It's a challenge to learn so we go out of our way to make it as easy as possible for you.

We offer excellent gear for sale, with lower prices than you'll find anywhere else. On top of that, we're here to help you with spare parts/replacements as the need arises.

See this page to learn more about gear and the costs involved:

It may sound like we're trying to turn people away from the sport? No, just being honest and upfront about the challenge that lies ahead. Is it worth the hassle? Without question. Kitesurfing is a thrilling and incredible sport. There are literally hundreds of different places to enjoy this amazing sport in Nova Scotia.