Nova Scotia Kitesurfing Lessons


Kiteboarding is an exciting and dynamic sport. However, it is not intuitive. The danger of launching a kite without proper instruction is high. There are some critical skills that you must be taught before you're able able to safely enter the sport of kiteboarding.


There is a lot to learn: Flying the kite, wind direction, wind speed, waves, current, rips, riding the board, etc. With some professional coaching, you'll learn to kitesurf much quicker, than trying to teach yourself. Learning on your own can be very frustrating.


Save yourself from the common mistake of buying garbage gear that isn't safe to learn on. You'll end up buying twice that way. Also, greatly decrease your chances of damaging your gear by learning how to use it properly. Investing in lessons will certainly save you money.

Zero2Hero Kitesurfing Course

Most popular with new students.

  • Duration: 8 hours (3 or 4 sessions spread over 3 or 4 days. Approximately 2 hour sessions each day.)

  • Cost: $750 including HST.

  • Overview: If you know that you're serious about learning this exciting sport, this is the best way to enter the sport of kitesurfing. This lesson package includes 8 hours of classes and is recommended to be spread out over 3/4 days. You'll learn as much as you can possibly handle during this intensive course. This course includes all of the kitesurfing gear that you'll need (Except for a wetsuit rental, which is available for a nominal fee of $20 per lesson.) Give the sport a try before investing in gear. This is by far, the most popular lesson package.

"Give it a Try" Lesson

Check it out with a single lesson.

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Cost: $200 including HST.

  • Overview: New to the sport and want to give it a try? This introductory lesson will get you flying a full-sized power kite. This lesson is NOT merely theory, it's highly interactive. After this lesson, you'll know for sure if you'd like to commit to the Zero 2 Hero Kitesurfing Course. The cost of this lesson will be applied to the cost of the course, so you can continue along seamlessly. This is the exact same lesson as the first lesson offered in the above kitesurfing course.

Refresher / Advanced Lesson

Rusty? Lacking confidence?

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Cost: $200 including HST.

  • Overview: A little bit rusty? Have you taken kitesurfing lessons elsewhere and want to pick up where you left off? We can seamlessly move forward in your learning progression with a custom / refresher lesson. Or, has your progression halted? Keen to take your kitesurfing to the next level? You name the skill / trick and we will break it down for you.

Foil Lesson


Try the newest fad to hit the watersports market!

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Cost: $250 including HST.

  • Learn to foil with a short mast. This will accelerate the learning process immensely and make the wipe-outs far less dangerous. As you progress, you can slowly increase the length of the mast.

How can I book a lesson?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cancellation Policy

  • More than 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled lesson: No fee.

  • More than 1 hour (but less than 24 hours) of notice prior to your scheduled lesson: $100 penalty.

  • Less than 1 hours of notice prior to your scheduled lesson: Zero refund.

  • No show: Zero refund.

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