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About Us

Originally from Nova Scotia, owner, Mark Moore spent his 20's exploring 45 different countries in search of perfect surfing and kitesurfing locations. Mark competed on the kitesurfing world tour and has appeared in international kitesurfing magazines over 25 times. Eventually, he returned home to find what he had been looking for - excellent kitesurfing.
Nova Scotia is a world-class gem for kitesurfing. There are literally hundreds of unique kiteboarding locations in this province. Mark and his staff are very excited to share their passion for the wind and waves with the next generation of kitesurfers.

Why Choose Halifax Kitesurfing?

Bluetooth Helmets

We use radio helmets that allow constant verbal communication between student and instructor. This allows for constant learning and more progression.

World-Class Teaching

We're an absolute authority on kitesurfing. Learn with confidence.

Quality Equipment

We take pride in our equipment. Our kites and boards are the latest technology and in excellent condition.

Gear Sales

We sell the same gear that we teach on.

Close to Halifax

We're conveniently located close to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Ongoing Learning

Entering the sport of kitesurfing takes a lot of support. We will be there for your entire journey, not just the lessons.